Pondera’s workplace health programs are specifically designed to allow companies of all sizes to deliver relevant health & well-being information and services to their staff. While traditional programs can quickly escalate in cost and interfere with workflow, our tailored programs deliver straight forward, practical education with a variety of individual or group based goal setting.

We can deliver:

  • A dynamic staff presentation titled “Whose pain is it anyway?”
  • Workplace ‘Walk Through” –  a scan of your office workstation set-up
  • Personal health assessments including individual goal setting
  • Manual handling training (without the yawning)
  • Links to a range of health professionals (diet, psychology, fitness, body care)
“Whose Pain is it anyway?”

Ergonomics as an industry is a bit like weightloss. In theory, the answers are quite simple but we look for complex solutions, fancy gadgets and quite often shift the blame to someone or something else. Most modern workplaces do currently encourage sitting and we can make that as ‘ergonomic’ as possible, but, the evidence suggests strongly – if you sit all day, regardless of your set-up, you will suffer pain, reduce productivity and quite probably, suffer long term health concerns. Learn how you and your staff can reduce pain, improve moral and drive the culture of change.


Recent research shows significant health detriment arises from sedentary work practices. An adjustable sitting / standing desk can dramatically alter back and neck pain, headaches, concentration and overall health! JP Office workstations offer free delivery on a range of manual and electronic desks. Click on the link here to access their great range.