I have an acute / short term injury

Acute injuries need quick diagnosis and a treatment plan. Far too often we see people with pain of long duration and the common line of “I thought it would just get better!” Pondera staff have extensive experience in dealing with acute injuries. Our work with elite sporting and performing arts personnel demands accurate diagnosis and a realistic plan to return to the demands of performance. Your performance may be just being able to get to work to continue to earn your income or make sure you enjoy your upcoming vacation. No matter the person or injury we deliver individual care for every body.

The most important first step is to obtain an accurate diagnosis and understand your injury. Setting your realistic expectations for recovery time and functional restrictions is vital to ensure complete healing.

Often without a particular incident, common acute pains that can turn into long term problems are ‘tennis elbow’, mid back pain when turning or breathing, sharp shoulder pain when lifting your arm and an acute wry neck.

If you have an acute injury or short term pain call us today 07 38461488 to ensure you don’t let it turn into someone more.