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Pondera is Latin for equilibrium.  

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Do you hold all your tension in your shoulders?

"I hold all my tension in my shoulders" - if this sounds familiar to you then here's a few tips to relieve that nagging neck and shoulder pain.Hostage of the stress 1. The tension is actually in your brain! Your first focus should be on ways to decrease the mental stress which will flow into the muscles. Stretching your muscles harder will not make much difference! 2. Give your neck more support. By improving your whole spinal posture you can provide a better foundation on which your neck can sit. Imagine a basketball trying to balance on a stick - would straight or bent be better? 3. What's happening at the front? Deep neck muscles are like your deep abdominals - they help provide a stable spine on which you can move. Recruiting and strengthening the deep neck flexors is essential for neck and shoulder function. See your Physio if you need help finding them!
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